Jobs with dogs

Would your child LOVE to do more with the family dog?


Learn lots of COOL dog tricks? Do FUN agility?


Meet new dog loving FRIENDS?


Would you like a WELL TRAINED dog?


Then take a look at our LITTLE PAWS CLUB


OR would YOU like to earn a SUBSTANTIAL INCOME as a Little Paws Club business owner, inspiring the next generation of dog owners?

Would you like to learn how to BECOME A DOG TRAINER?



becoming a dog trainer
Jobs with dogs

Have you wondered how to become a dog trainer?

Are you living your dream life?

Are you passionate about dogs?

Would you like to have more time freedom?

Work the hours that suit you and still generate substantial income?

Would you love to have the summers off to spend with your family?

Does the idea of contributing positively to the next generation of dog owners excite you?

A Little Paws Club business may just be the perfect solution for you!

how to become a dog trainer

How to teach your dog tricks

Would your child love to do more with the family dog?  Then bring them along to your nearest Little Paws Dog Training Club for Children aged 7-15.

With the emphasis on FUN, the children learn to teach their dog basic obedience behaviours, like ‘Come’, ‘Sit‘ and ‘Stay‘.  They learn to train AMAZING TRICKS like ‘Hoop Jump’ and ‘Spin’, and take part in FUN AGILITY.

Over the course of several terms they grow in ability from beginners, through novice to advanced.  In partnership with their dogs, the children learn to put together amazingly skillful routines.