how to teach a dog tricks

Have you ever wondered how to become a dog trainer?


Hi, I’m Juanita

I am the founder of the Little Paws Clubs, and owner of Paws Doggy Daycare in Lisburn, Northern Ireland.

Dogs are my lifelong passion and my life certainly revolves around all things dog.

At the age of 12 my parents finally relented, gave in to my incessant begging and allowed me to have my very own dog….a chocolate toy poodle called Mick.  I adored that dog, we were inseparable and I walked his little legs off!  In the school holidays I used to set up obstacle courses in the front garden and tried to teach him how to jump through my hula hoop.  All to no avail! My training skills were very lacking and there was no YouTube let alone internet.  I would have given anything to know how to teach Mick some tricks.


I have years (too many to mention!) of business experience both in small to medium size enterprises and in the corporate world.

I now INSPIRE and MOTIVATE women to build a fun-based business around their passion for dogs, using a proven framework and a ready built community of like-minded, supportive women to create a substantial income and transform their lives.

And in case you are interested…………………here are a few random facts about me

  • In 1995 I started Northern Ireland’s first ever dog walking and pet sitting business in Newtownards
  • I am married to Peter
  • I have 2 adult children, 2 grand-children and 2 dogs
  • I am a vegetarian trying to be vegan
  • I love listening to podcasts
  • I wish I was fitter and slimmer
  • I love biscuits
  • The last two facts are connected!!

What The Parents Say About Little Paws

“Grace has just come home so excited … she says it’s the best thing she has ever been too. One happy girl and pup…”  (Name)

“Aaron and Holly loved it and can’t wait for next week! Thank you!! “

“Hi, thanks for today Corbin and Cleo had a great time.”

“Thank you so much Andrea and Suzie had a great time “

“Lucie had a brilliant day thank you x”