Frequently Asked Questions!


How much does a Little Paws Club franchise cost?

£2,995 / €3,300 for an area or territory of three adjacent postcodes. An area of this size allows you to operate multiple clubs in multiple venues and earn a substantial part-time or full-time income.


Do I have to choose the postcode area I live in?

No, you can choose from any available postcode.


What’s included in the franchise fee?

Access to our on-line training course which includes

Practical dog training

Business training

Business growth support and mentoring

On-line group support from other LP franchisees

Access to marketing materials in downloadable PDF form

Access to the children’s workbooks in downloadable PDF form

Access to business forms; enrolment forms etc.

An exclusive territory to operate your club in. There will only ever be one LPC business owner in a territory.


Where does the training take place?

All of the training takes place on-line in a private Facebook group.


How long does the training take?

Typically the training takes around 8-10 weeks. A lot depends on you and how quickly you work through the course assignments.


Do I have to do the training on set days and at set times?

No, you can do the training whenever you like, at times to suit yourself.


How long does the training take each day?

You should allow on average around 20-30 minutes daily, five days per week.


How much do the children pay for Little Paws Club?

A 10-week term costs £75 or €90. Typically we operate four 10-week terms throughout the school year.


How much can I earn?

How much you earn depends on how many club sessions you operate each week and how many children you have in each session.


Income Potential Example;

10 children x £7.50 or €9 per session

If you hold 5 sessions per week

That’s £75 or €450 per week or

£1,500 or €1,800 per month

less expenses


What expenses will I have?

You will have to allow for the hall hire at your venue. Typically that ranges from £10-£20 per hour depending on your location.

Insurance is currently around £130 per year

£50 / €60 monthly franchise fee


How much will equipment cost?

A small set of plastic of 3 plastic jumps / weave poles costs around £25 – £30 / €35 – €40.  The tunnels cost anything from £10 / €12 to around £40 – €50 for a larger one.  Hula Hoops usually cost £1 – €1 in Pound / Euro Shops.


What do I get for my £50 / €60 monthly franchise fee?

Your monthly fee allows you to trade under the Little Paws brand, inclusion on our main website, access to additional trainings and marketing materials, on-going business support and mentoring for as long as you require it via e-mail, and access to our on-line community of other supportive Little Paws franchisees.


How many children are in a session?

Typically you would have between 8-10 children.


What if the dogs don’t get on?

As part of the enrolment process we ask parents to confirm that their dogs are friendly towards other dogs and other children. The dogs are all kept on leads except in the more advanced sessions.


Do you supply the brochures and marketing materials?

Everything comes to you by email as downloadable PDF files. You have the choice of printing small quantities at home, or finding a commercial printer. This avoids wastage and keeps the cost of the franchise down.


What’s in the children’s workbooks?

The workbooks contain full written instructions for all the trainings including colourful fun graphics. They also contain details of the Little Paws Training Awards.


What are the Little Paws Training Awards?

The children love working to achieve training goals. Their workbooks contain Achievement Logs where we mark their progress towards their training goals. We have five different awards levels to encourage the children to strive for improvement.


Do I need insurance?

Yes, you will need to find insurance. Currently the cost of insurance for a Little Paws Club business is approximately £130 a year.


What if I decide to stop my Little Paws Club?

If your circumstances change and you no longer want to run your Little Paws business, you can either simply stop and the £50 / €60 monthly fee is no longer payable. You have no other financial obligation to Little Paws. The territory ownership then reverts back to Little Paws to be re-sold.

Alternatively, if you have built up a substantial business, you may sell your Little Paws Club business privately for whatever price you like and the new owner takes over responsibility for the £50 / €60 monthly payment. The new owner will have to complete a short training program to make sure they maintain the high standards expected at Little Paws.


Can I contact other Little Paws Club owners?

Yes certainly. They all have their own Facebook pages and you are welcome to contact them and ask them to share their experience of running their clubs, the business model, the franchisee training program, and the on-going support.


What countries can I set up a Little Paws Club in?

Currently we are in the UK and Ireland but welcome inquiries from other countries.


Do I need any formal dog training qualifications to get started?

No. You will receive full training, included in your franchise fee.


Will I be a qualified dog trainer at the end of the training program?

You will be an accredited Little Paws Club trainer but this does not qualify you to work as a canine behaviourist, dealing with canine aggression, reactivity or other problem behaviours.


How do I pay my franchise fee?

Payment is by bank transfer. As soon as the deposit payment is made, your chosen postcode areas are secured for you.


Do you have a payment plan option?

Yes, you can choose to spread the payments over a longer period. You pay a slightly higher price depending on how long you spread the payments over. Please contact us for details if this option works best for you.


When does the next franchisee training program start?

We currently only run two franchisee training programs per year. The next one starts in January ’19.  Anyone joining the January program should be ready to start their Little Paws Clubs by April/May ’19.


Can I add more postcodes at a later date?

Yes certainly. If you wish to build a very substantial business and expand outside your current area, you may purchase other postcodes, subject to availability.


Are there other ways to add income?

Yes, outside of school term times, you might want to run events like summer camps, or one-off taster sessions.  We also provide training in how to run family friendly puppy training courses. A 5-week puppy training course costs £70 / €85 so can add substantially to your income.

What do I do now?

If you love what you’ve seen and read so far, contact us now and we can have a chat and check availability of your chosen postcodes.