Income Potential


Let’s cut to the exciting bit!


Yes, Little Paws is about giving the children and their dogs an amazing time but we also want to earn a significant too. Right?


So let’s look at the figures.


A 10-week term at Little Paws cost £75 or €90


For the purposes of this example we are assuming 10 children in each session.


10 children per session at £7.50 / €9 each is £75 / €90

Minus average hourly venue hire of £15 / €20


Income to you is £60 / €70 per session minus sundry costs like contribution to insurance, printing etc.


One session per week.            

Income £60 / €70 per week

or £240 / €280 per month


Two sessions per week.

Income £120 / €140 per week

or £480 / €560 per month


Five sessions per week (multiple locations)

Income £300 / €350 per week

Or £1200 / € 1,400 per month              


Ten sessions per week (multiple locations)

Income £600 / €700 per week

Or £2,400 / €2,800 per month


That’s a pretty healthy income for just 10 club hours per week!


The success of your Little Paws Club business is entirely in your hands. The more effort you put in to building your business, giving a great service to the children and their parents, and conducting your business in a professional manner, the better your results will be.


Results will vary according to location, numbers of children in your sessions, and your costs


Calculations are provided for illustrative purpose only and are not a guarantee of income. That bit’s up to you!


What next?

Contact us now to check availability of postcodes in your area and let’s talk!  We’d love to have you join us.