Program Content

The Little Paws Franchisee Training Program will equip you with the skills to operate your own Little Paws children’s dog training club business. The children’s market is at the core of the business but there will be future trainings to allow you to offer other services like fun agility, scent training and puppy classes etc.
The emphasis is on fun training that enhances the bond between the dog and the child. It does not equip you with the skills to become a canine behaviourist and deal with training issues such as aggression, reactivity or anxiety.
The Little Paws focus is on Positive Reinforcement, Reward Based training.
The program is in two parts;
A: The initial practical dog training and business set-up advice.
B: On-going support via a Facebook group or email plus access to any additional Little Paws trainings, business support and resources.

Course Content

Understanding of Learning Theory and the four quadrants of learning.
Positive Reinforcement. How it works and why it works.
Top Training Tips
Pre-Week One
Introduction Day in our on-line Facebook Private Community Group
Week OneCourse starts.
Over the next 4 weeks video tutorials will be added to the private Students Only Facebook group. This part is interactive so you will watch the demonstrations, have a go with your own dog, video yourself (phone video is fine) and then post them to the group for feedback on. Please don’t be nervous about this stage as everyone is in the same boat and even if some have more experience than you do, they have all started at the beginning at some point. You are all there to support and encourage each other.
20 Video Tutorials:
Through Your Legs
Wave A Paw
Loose Lead Walking
Leg Weave
Paws Up
Roll Over
Handling Your Dog
Week 5: 
Reviewing training so far.
Identifying areas of weakness and improving technique.
Putting behaviours together into a routine.
Week 6: 
Video yourself training someone else to train a few of the behaviours. This can be a child, your husband, partner, neighbour or friend. Anyone who is happy to help you gain the confidence and allow you to get practical training experience.
Week 7: 
Assessment Week. Review of your progress. At this point you will have either earned your Little Paws Accreditation or you may be asked to go back over some of the tutorials. If you require extra time for further support, that will be available. The Student’s Group will remain open so that anyone requiring additional time because of holidays, emergencies etc will not miss out on completing.
Weeks 8 – 10 
You should by now have gained accreditation and the first £50 / €60 monthly payment becomes due on the 1st of the month that your first Little Paws Club opens.
This payment will be on-going for as long as you continue trading under the Little Paws brand or using the Little Paws Accreditation in your marketing.
Business Planning
Alongside completing the practical training we will look at your goals, what action steps you need to take, and what resources you need to get started.
Together we will work on your Business Plan.
Your Little Paws Accreditation Membership gives you
Access to:
Monthly downloadable PDF’s for the children’s workbooks
Downloadable print-ready marketing materials
Downloadable logos for use in marketing, social media etc
Facebook Ad tutorial
Business location on Little Paws Website (for those trading solely under the LP brand only)
Advice on:
Reading Dogs Body Language
Risk Assessment
Looking for premises
Working with children
Children with additional needs
Child Protection Policy
Week 11 onwards
Access to:
Continued business support and mentoring
Additional training as and when it becomes appropriate